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RAM® Mounts Develops World's First CAN Bus Storing RAW Truck Data Directly to Tablet

RAM® Mounts Develops World's First CAN Bus Storing RAW Truck Data Directly to Tablet

RAM® Mounts, a leading provider of rugged mounting systems, is proud to announce the launch of the patented RAM® Mounts GDS® CAN Bus, the industry's first CAN Bus harness that delivers both power and RAW truck data directly to the device. This innovative solution allows users to bypass the need for intermediary telematics units and subscription services, and to utilize third-party software or develop their own applications, providing unparalleled flexibility and control over vehicle data.

If you are unfamiliar with Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) technology and want to gain some basic knowledge, you can learn more about the origins and benefits of CAN Bus here.

How GDS® CAN Bus Works

Unlike traditional CAN Bus systems, which rely on a subscription-based model, the patent-pending GDS® CAN Bus harness offers a streamlined and cost-effective alternative. Traditional CAN Bus systems involve a complex process where the truck's RAW data is sent to a telematics unit, transmitted to a web server via a cellular network, and then relayed to the truck's user interface. This not only involves ongoing subscription fees but also introduces potential delays and data integrity issues.

The patent-pending GDS® CAN Bus harness streamlines data retrieval and enhances driver convenience:

Direct Data Storage: Captures the truck's RAW data and stores it directly on a tablet, ensuring immediate access and control.

Open Software Compatibility: Allows companies to choose their preferred third-party software or develop their own applications, promoting innovation and customization.

Cost Efficiency: Provides the ability to opt out of subscription-based services to reduce long-term costs and simplify data management.

Integrated Power: Instead of forcing drivers to choose between power and data, the patent-pending GDS® CAN Bus harness delivers power along with data transfer via a USB-C connection.

The patent-pending GDS® CAN Bus harness by RAM® Mount seamlessly integrates with GDS® Vehicle Dock stations, ensuring secure and reliable installation in any vehicle environment. It is also available in two unique configurations to meet the needs of different vehicle types: FMS connector and 9-pin connector. These options ensure compatibility with a wide range of trucks, allowing companies to choose the one that best fits their vehicle's specific requirements. With this new product, GDS® Technology™ continues to set standards for industry innovation, providing robust and flexible solutions that meet the evolving demands of modern transportation.

For more information on the patent-pending GDS® CAN Bus harness and to explore the full GDS® Ecosystem™, visit

The GDS® CAN Bus by RAM® Mount is patent-pending. To view all patents and trademarks, visit

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GDS® CAN Bus with FMS Connector

GDS® CAN Bus with 9-Pin Connector

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