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Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5

Introducing new docking stations for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 by RAM® Mounts and GDS® Tech™. Configure your RAM® docking station, or take advantage of the ultra-rugged and reliable IntelliSkin® system for rougher environments.

RAM® Powered Docks

These form-fit Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5 powered vehicle docks utilize pogo pin charging with configurable connector options, including power-only, power + USB-A peripheral support, locking options, and more. All holders conveniently connect to the RAM® Mount double ball and socket system for a wide variety of customizable mounting options.

Low-Profile RAM® Powered Docks

Our Low-Profile Docks have the same form-fit design as current RAM® offerings for Tab Active5, only slimmer at 2.28” in depth with a metal reinforcement plate for a smaller footprint.

IntelliSkin® System for Tab Active5

The IntelliSkin® System is an ultra-rugged and reliable docking solution built for connective longevity. With a military-grade drop protected sleeve and built-in USB-C connector, IntelliSkin® protects the most important part of the device — the USB Type-C port. This built-in connector converts USB-C to flat pogo pad contacts on the outside of the IntelliSkin® that are easy to clean and shields the USB-C port from dirt and debris. Pair with a wide variety of GDS® Docks™ for full device enablement.

Stationary Charging Docks

This RAM® 6-Port desktop dock charging station was designed specifically to support up to six Samsung Galaxy Tab Active5, Tab Active3, or Tab Active4 Pros for simultaneous charging. These desktop docks reduce the amount of charging cords needed to charge each device by consolidating power through one cord and providing each Samsung tablet with its own charging bay to reduce clutter.