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GDS Tech for Apple

GDS® Tech™ for Apple

Take your Apple device to the next level with GDS® Tech™ and IntelliSkin®, the premiere enterprise mounting ecosystem that will keep your iPhone or iPad protected, connected, and charged throughout the workday. Featuring faster charging, increased reliability, and ergonomic accessories that provide a boost in workflow efficiency. Discover all the benefits of switching to GDS® Tech™ for Apple.

Fast & Convenient Charging

By upgrading to the GDS® Tech™ and IntelliSkin® system, your devices will charge up to 30% faster when paired with compatible chargers. The built-in pogo pin technology allows for an easy workflow without fumbling with cords — simply dock the IntelliSkin®-wrapped device to charge.

Reliable Connection, Rugged Protection

Each IntelliSkin® is uniquely built to protect the device using soft, shock absorbing rubber with an internal USB-C connector that protects the device and it’s main port. This design converts the connection point to flat pogo pad docking contacts that are easy to clean.

Multi-Port Charging

When not in-use, charge up to six IntelliSkin®-wrapped Apple devices with one multi-port charging dock. An alternative option includes individual RJ45 ports for pushing updates over an ethernet connection.

Modular Mounting & Accessory-Ready

Each dock comes equipped with a 2-hole mounting pattern to unlock hundreds of RAM® mounting components so you can customize your mount to your needs, and environment.

Learn More with Catalogs

Not sure where to start? Browse the Apple catalog for a comprehensive overview on the full line of RAM® and GDS® products available for iPads and iPhones. Alternatively, dive into the world of GDS® Tech™ and learn why a standardized, future-proofed, mounting ecosystem can improve your teams efficiency and save you money in the long-haul. The GDS® catalog will teach you all about IntelliSkin®, Tough-Docks™, multi-port charging, and more!