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Zebra MC9400 & MC9300

MC9400/MC9300 Docks & Mounts

Introducing new RAM® Mounts powered docks and mounts for Zebra MC9400 & MC9300 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Touch Computer. These mounting solutions deliver maximum performance, reliability, ease of use, data capture, security, and manageability - all in one low-profile design. Your workforce will experience superior comfort, leading to a remarkable boost in efficiency. Take advantage of pogo pin charging technology to ensure a seamless docking experience, keeping your devices charged, allowing your workers to focus on their tasks with minimal disruptions.

Pogo Pin Technology

Protect the charge port and increase efficiency by utilizing the device's pogo pad docking contacts — simply dock the MC9400/MC9300 to keep the device charged and/or connected to peripherals. Each powered RAM® dock comes equipped with pogo pin technology for this seamless docking experience.

Mounting Options

With RAM® Compatibility™, customize your mount specific to your environment. Whether you're equipping your workforce with MC9400/MC9300s on forklifts and heavy-duty mounting, or static/light-duty vehicle mounting, there are RAM® products for you.

Heated Pogo Pins

Heating elements provide the necessary heat required to prevent pogo pins from locking up, allowing your MC9400/MC9300 to charge and operate in wet and freezing environments like cold storage warehousing. This feature will help protect the connection between device and dock so you can stay focused on daily tasks without hiccups.

Form-Fit Docking

This Zebra MC9400/MC9300 dock is spring-loaded, making it easy for one-handed docking and removal. Securing the device from both ends allows safe docking position at any angle. Included are optional snap-in inserts maintain form-fit mounting when the rubber protective boot is removed.

Need Assistance?

Get in touch to set up an order, or speak with a RAM® Mounts representative to build a solution for your needs.