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The Best Mounts for Van Lifers

The Best Mounts for Van Lifers

The Best Mounts for Van Lifers

By RAM Mounts

June 22, 2022

It’s summertime and we’ve got the open road on our mind! The lucky few are those who decided it was time to shake things up and travel the country from the comfort of their home, which just so happens to double as their vehicle. While van lifers may be missing out on everyday luxuries like a home shower and ample counter space, they certainly make up for it with the freedom to get up and go explore somewhere new at the drop of a hat.

Between keeping your eyes on the road and having access to your devices in the event of an emergency, keeping your devices handy and secure while out on the road is paramount. RAM® provides a wide range of cell phone and tablet holders that enable wireless charging, can mount to windshield or flat surfaces, and many accessories that assist in the day-to-day.

Whether you’re a seasoned van lifer or just looking to set out on a weekend trip, we’ve got you covered with the best mounting solutions you’ll need on the road. Shop our best sellers below!

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